Trip to Prangli Island: what to take with you?

Prangli island is 1 of 14 permanently inhabited small islands in Estonia. Thanks to permanent inhabitation you have the opportunity to visit the island all year round. We have also published five reasons to visit Prangli island. People interested in nature tours in Estonia like to visit Prangli island during both warm summers and cold winters. Despite the season, you have to bear in mind that when visiting small islands in Estonia the weather can change fast. At the same time it can be sunny and warm in Tallinn and rainy and cold in Prangli. We have written down a small reminder you can have a look at when preparing your trip to Prangli island.

Et Sinu reis Prangli saarele kulgeks mõnusalt, on mõistlik võtta kaasa ilmale vastavad riided

What to remember, when you are planning a trip to Prangli island?

When taking a boat to Prangli island, remember that you should wear warmer clothes when you are on the sea or near the coast. A windproof jacket is the best choice. There are days, when bikinis are enough, but it may not be that day, when you arrive.

Even though it rains less on Prangli island than on the mainland of Estonia, take a raincoat or a rainproof jacket with you. We are traveling around the island on open-top trucks.

If you are planning to stay on the island overnight, be aware that tourist farms and campings on Prangli island do not have luxurious conditions yet. They do have blankets, pillows and bed linen for you, but you may have to share the showers and toilets with other people.

Like most of the islands in Estonia, Prangli is sandy, so you may get stuck when wearing high heels. It is reasonable to leave fancy clothes behind and wear something more comfortable.

Mõnel päeval on Pranglil nii soe, et isegi jakki ei lähe vaja!

Some days on Prangli island are so warm, that you may not even need a jacket!

Let’s hope that when you come, the weather on Prangli island is wonderful. Come and visit Prangli with us!