Visit a unique Estonian island – foreign media interest in Prangli

Prangli Island is a popular travel destination in Estonia. During summer there is a lot happening with many companies having summer days and team-building events there. Every year, there are plenty of summer activities, including café days (local homes turn into cafés with home-made food for a day), summer theatre and the Prangli Run. There is a wide range of activities offering something for everyone – companies, families, friends, culture- and nature-lovers, who can wander around the quiet beaches and fairytale-like forests.

In addition to Estonians, a lot of foreigners have found their way to Prangli. Since it’s very close to the Estonian capital it’s possible to enjoy a day trip from Tallinn to Prangli island. Here is a short overview of some TV-shows, articles and blog posts about Prangli Island that have been published around the world in the last year. What does the foreign media say about this Estonian island and what are our guests most curious about?

Nature bloggers from Russia – Estonian nature as a source of inspiration

This nature-loving couple comes from St Petersburg. They give their readers an insight into the diverse island – the ferry to Prangli Island, the history, the nature and the main attractions. The fluent blog post is illustrated with amazing professional photographs of Prangli and Keri – the small island next to Prangli. The young couple really enjoyed the nature tours in Estonia, and they mention that they love to travel around Northern Estonia a lot.

RusNature Adventure Blog “Prangli and Keri islands

Autor: RusNature Guide. Maagaasi puurauk.

Author: RusNature Adventure Blog. Natural Gas Source on Prangli Island

Ilus männimets Prangli saarel

Author: RusNature Adventure Blog. Pine forest on Prangli island.

Autor: RusNature Adventure Blog. Üksikud liivarannad Pranglil

Author: RusNature Adventure Blog. Lonely sand beaches.

South Korean Travel Show – a cellar for conserves and Estonian language on the other side of the world

The travel show EBS, which aired in South Korea, talks about the everyday life on Prangli Island. They got some amazing drone shots of the villages. They also visited a local islander Taavi and his family. Something to think about – the Estonian language, spoken by only a million people, can now be heard on the other side of the world!

Have a look at what the South Koreans were most curious about on Prangli Island!

EBS Travel Show. Starting from 7.20.

Journalists from Germany – a vacation for independent adventurers

Prangli Travel helped organise the journalists’ trips to Keri and Prangli Islands and also a seal-watching trip around Malusi. They summarized their visit as ‘an adventurous vacation for independent tourists’. And it is an accurate description, especially when it comes to Keri Island – you feel like you’re on the edge of the world, where you can hear nothing but the sea and the wind and ‘the Moon is the only one, who can see you’. Read their article, which is linked below to get an insight into their adventurous trip. Prangli Travel also arranged a thorough Prangli Island day trip from Tallinn for them. The journalists were thrilled about biking around the island. The next day we visited another Estonian island called Aksi, close to Prangli. Those days were full of adventures!

SeeReisen Magazin “Lighthouse keeper on Keri – the forgotten island

Autor: RusNature Adventure Blog. Keri tuletorn.

RusNature Adventure Blog. Keri island lighthouse.

Aksi saar

Tiny Estonian island. Aksi island.

Austrian journal – Prangli as one of the most unique islands in Estonia during the Soviet era

The Austrian journalist evidently became excited when we started talking about the history of the island. Prangli was the only island in Northern Estonia where traditional life continued during the Soviet time, while all the other islands in the north of Estonia were turned into a border zone with the indigenous locals being thrown out of their homes. That is the reason why the old traditions, distinguished dialect and local fishing villages have been preserved. The journalist gives an historical overview and on life today on the island in the journal Die Presse.

Die Presse “The Baltic States: island, which remained untouched by the Soviet Union

kadakamarjad Prangli saarel. Prangli Reisid

Juniper berries on Prangli island. Prangli Travel.

The island of Vrangö: Chasing the family roots with the Swedes

It is well known that the people of Prangli Island have deep connections with both the Finns and Swedes. Even the dialect of Prangli is a mixture of Estonian and Finnish, here and there you can also find some Swedish influences. The Swedes have come and stayed on Prangli. The clear evidence of Swedish influence in the past is seen even nowadays on local island family names – Linholm, Klasberg, Malmström, Puuström, Blumkvist, Krönström and so on. The journalists from Sweden had a nice chat with a ‘local’ Swedish man Raimond, who lives in a caravan next to a picturesque beach on Prangli Island. See the link below!

HBL, “Prangli island in Estonia: a paradise in the middle of hardships”

Autor: Patrik Rastenberger. Prangli kalmistul võib leida nii eesti, vene, soome kui rootsi perekonnanimedega haudasid

Author: Patrik Rastenberger. In Prangli graveyard you can find grave stones with Estonian, Finnish, Swedish and Russian family names.

The French brought Prangli Island to millions of viewers

Most of the visitors come to Prangli during summertime, but the crew of the French TV-channel TF1 visited the island when the sea was still a bit frozen and the land was covered with snow. They filmed the local families and visited the local island school with just nine students. Prangli Travel also took them on a sightseeing tour in a soviet style open-top truck which they enjoyed tremendously.

TF1, “Estonia and Latvia: a gateway to Europe

Talvine Prangli mererand

Estonian winter on Prangli island.

Visitors of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs – representatives from most European countries get to enjoy a ride in a soviet truck

There are a lot of places you can go on a group tour in Estonia, but this summer the guests of the Estonian Ministry of Foreign Affairs came from Brussels and visited our small Prangli Island. They had a blast while sightseeing in an open-top truck. The group was most curious about the local school, education, well-being and the present life (health service, waste management, maintenance of public space) of the local families. They were quite surprised at how different life is between Prangli and Tallinn. Finally, the guests loved the Prangli style lunch – freshly caught and cooked flatfish.

Autor: RusNature Adventure Blog. Kohalikud majapidamised Pranglis

Author: RusNature Adventure Blog. Unique stone fence on Prangli island.

Each and every one can find something to enjoy on Prangli Island. It can be the picturesque sandy beaches, junipers, pine forests, local households, centuries full of vivid history, one of a kind sights, genuine local dishes or something else! Take your family, friends and colleagues with you and come to discover the genuine paradise island of Prangli just off the coast of Tallinn! The easiest way is to take a day trip from Tallinn to Prangli island.