Seal Watching Trips

The Baltic Sea has been home for seals for about 10,000 years, and they are the biggest water mammals in this region. We invite you to join our seal watching tour near the Malusi islands, a natural retreat for seals.

To encourage the seals to come out and meet us we use a clever lure: classical music! On our trip we will talk about the smaller islands on our way to Malusi and about the seals’ everyday life.

We organise both regular tours and larger group tours from Tallinn with transfers to the small Northern Estonian ports of Kaberneeme and Neeme.

Ask for more information or +372 53413109. Take a look at some pointers HERE before coming on a seal watching tour!

Take a Look at Our Tours

Regular Seal Watching Trips

We provide the only seal watching tours available in North Estonia. Regular trips with transfers from Tallinn take place on Sundays from July to October.

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Sealwatching for Groups

We offer exciting seal watching trips for groups in North Estonia. his is all-inclusive guided tour with bus transfers, lunch or dinner at a seaside restaurant and real wildlife experience is available from April to October.

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