Seal-watching tour: what to take with you?

Are you planning to watch seals in Estonia, but you don’t know what to wear or what to take with you?

We are here to help! We have written down a couple of pointers to help you when packing your bag for a seal-watching tour.

It is always colder on the sea! Dress accordingly. Even if you can wear a T-shirt on the mainland, you still need a windproof jacket and a hat when coming on the tour.

If the weather is sunny, take sunscreen with you. The sea reflects the sun more intensively, so protect yourself.

If you happen to have binoculars, bring them along.

Remember that the seal-watching tour is a nature tour. We can not make an agreement with the seals to come out. Please be open to the small chance that you may have a nice boat ride in the archipelago of Kolga Bay and you may not meet the seals.

Otherwise, come and have a nice seal-watching trip with Prangli Travel!