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Sales assistant / Pranglireisid.ee customer manager

I love my job at Prangli Travel. Seeing the smiles on people’s faces and the joy in their eyes creates a sense of satisfaction and makes me happy. I am lucky to be able to give this back to our clients who get amazing experiences from the tours and make the best memories. Our team is also incredible, as they create an excellent work environment, come up with new adventures and target new challenges every once in a while, while also always giving out positive energy.”

Others about Eve:

You can always count on Eve. She knows how to notice what the client really wants and keeps all their wishes in mind. Her other talent is her amazing cooking skills as her dishes are always well thought through, look amazing and taste even better.

Eve is warm and friendly from the inside out. In her work she values order and precision and therefore she is good at managing large volumes of bookings. She has so much beauty and energy, is lively and independent. The food made with love for our groups and her feminine touch are defining strengths.”

Eve does so many different things in the company that it leaves everyone wondering where does she get all that energy from.

Eve is our “kitchen fairy” who charms our guests with the most wonderful dishes.

With a smile warm as sunshine and ability to constantly generate new inspiring ideas, Eve always finds a way. She frequently takes care of the food and it is impossible to say no to her dishes.

In a group of nature-loving wanderers and hikers, you always need a person who fixes everything with rational thinking. In our team, Eve is definitely one of those.