Prangli Island Summer Events 2019

Prangli Run 2019

4th of May

10.30 ”Let’s do it!” clean up hike on Prangli island.
13.30 Traditional sports event Prangli Run starting at Kelnase port. Happening for the 5th time.
Main distance: 5 km
Distance for children (until 12 y.o.): 3 km
For preschoolers: 150 m

Midsummer Eve celebrations

23rd of June 2019

Big bonfire at Ülesaare.
Band performing.

Relay of the Flame of the XXVII Song and XX Dance Celebration on Prangli island

2nd of July 2019

The flame is brought from Kaberneeme to Prangli island around 5 PM.
Relay of the flame ceremony and a concert by Tiinamai Keskpaik (accordion), Ele Pedassaar (violin) and choir ViiKerKoor.

©M. Andreller. Prangli saar, Kelnase sadam
©Marko Poolamets. Prangli sadamakuur

Prangli harbour shed’s 5th birthday, Estonian band Regatt performing

5th of July 2019

Birthday celebrations.
Band Regatt performing at the harbour shed. Starting at 22.00

Concert by Silver Sepp, an Estonian artist using fantasy music instruments

12 July 2019

Silver Sepp’s concert at 22.00 at the harbour shed. Ticket 12 euros.

Estonian Islands. Prangli saar

Fishermen’s Day celebrations, artists performing both evenings

From 12th to 14th of July 2019

Friday starts with Silver Sepp’s concert at 22.00 at the harbour. Ticket 12 euros.
Several events at the port throughout Saturday and Sunday. Rowing championships using the island’s traditional boat ”eistuk”. Free!
Band performing at the Community House on Saturday. Starting at 22.00. Ticket 15 euros.

Summer theater at the port ”Eestirand. Lootuse kursil”

12th, 13th, 19th and 20th of July 2019

Based on a true historical event happened on Prangli Island during the 2WW. A story of saving thousands of Estonian men from a bombed ship ”Eestirand”.
Producer: Eva Kalbus
Ticket 15 euros

Viimsi Café Day, home cafés offering local dishes, band performing in the evening

20th of July 2019

A traditional event taking place once every year. Different local cafés introducing home-made dishes. A theater café opened in Kelnase harbour as well as other cafés offering their dishes all around the island.
Band performing at the Community House at 22.00.

Sports Day, well-known Estonian band Smilers performing

17th of August 2019

Different sports events happening on Prangli Island throughout the day.
Estonian band Smilers performing at the Community House. Starting at 22.00
Ticket 15 euros

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