Company Events with Prangli Travel in Estonia

Prangli Travel has been organising company events and summer parties on Prangli Island for 7 years. With tons of experience, we know how things work on that tiny island across the sea from Tallinn. We would be more than happy to organise a memorable company event for your team with accommodation, transport and fun activities all included.

As we have seen many companies in different sizes and from different fields that have their summer events on Prangli Island, we know that reasons for coming to the island vary. Some are looking for unique atmosphere and the kind hospitality from the locals whereas others look for a chance to spend time in the nature. We make sure that the program for your company event is well thought through so that you can focus on your team and enjoy the summer while not having to worry whether everyone is enjoying themselves – we take care of that.

To help you out with deciding if Prangli Island is the best option for a company event for your team, here are 10 most asked questions:

1. How many people are you able to host?

The biggest company event so far had 160 participants. Preparation for such large events needs to start early. Although the guests have to stay at different accommodations, all the activities take place with the entire group together. With good planning, everything can be done! Luckily the island is not too big and your team will stay together.

2. What is the accommodation on Prangli Island like?

There are two main cabin complexes with saunas and comfortable rooms which we use for larger events that require overnight stay. On the western side of the island are also couple of homestay accommodations nearby each other in Lääneotsa village.

3. For how long does the ferry ride to the island take?

The ferry to Prangli Island leaves from Leppneeme harbor and the ferry ride takes one hour. Larger groups can also rent a steamboat Katharina that can bring them to Prangli from Lennusadam/Seaplane Harbor. The ride on the steamboat takes about three hours, depending on the weather.

If you wish to arrive on a sailing boat, then plan about 4-5 hours for getting from Tallinn to the island.

We would recommend larger groups to organise their own transfer across the bay, whereas smaller groups can use the regular ferry leaving twice a day.

4. Is it possible to park your car at Leppneeme harbor?

Yes, there is a free unguarded parking lot at Leppneeme harbour.

5. Can we bring bikes on the ferry?

It is free to bring your bikes on the ferry, but pre-booking is required if your group is planning to take more than 10 bikes.

6. What if we get hungry on the island?

We offer catering for larger groups in Prangli Island restaurant or in one of the homestays. It is allowed to bring your own drinks to the homestay accommodation, but not to the restaurant.

7. Is there a store on Prangli Island?

Yes, the store is open every day during the summer months and it is located right in the middle of the island.

8. What kind of activities would you recommend for our team for the event on the island?

We highly recommend a tour in a Soviet-style truck with our tour guides. There are many more activities which you can add to your booking with us. Why not try a treasure hunt, a relay race in Prangli style or do an island clean-up with your team. SUP-board hikes and SUP-yoga lessons are also available, as is a fun and interactive island-themed quiz. Just ask when booking.

For those who are looking for a chilled evening we offer to book a concert right at the seaside!

9. Is there a beach or a place to go swimming?

There are several nice spots on the island if you want to take a dip into the sea or lay down and sunbathe on the sand. You can find a beautiful sandy beach with a volleyball net at Mölgi. Also the cabin complex at Ülesaare on the northern part of the island is located right by the sea.

10. What if it rains?

In fact, it rains less on the smaller islands than on the mainland. You won’t believe it until you see it. However, if it does happen to rain, we can put up a party tent to keep your team away from the rain. It is also important to always have a waterproof jacket with you when coming to Prangli.

The booking for 2020 company events on Prangli has started!
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