Bike rental on Prangli Island and online tour guide

Bike rental on Prangli Island is at Kelnase harbour.
Price per bike
12 euros / 1 day
20 euros / 2 days
The online tour guide of Prangli Island is for free when renting a bike (normal price 8 euros)

The virtual tour guide is an innovative way to discover Prangli Island! The virtual map, audio guide and descriptive photos give a great overview of the island’s most important sights. You need to have a GPS-connected device with Internet access and download Navicup app. The virtual map with descriptions of the sites works on every phone but the audio guide only on Androids. After submitting your order in the form below, you will receive an e-mail with information about the bikes and the online guide.

If you are already on Prangli Island and wish to rent a bike, call +372 53413109.

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