Sealwatching for Groups

The only seal watching tours available in North Estonia take you to the seals’ habitat near Malusi Islands. This exciting experience, combining a boat trip in North Estonia, helps you to get in touch with nature, music and history. This all-inclusive guided tour with bus transfers, lunch or dinner at a seaside restaurant and real wildlife experience is available from April to October. Read what to take with you and about seal watching tour prices for big and small groups.

Our program for groups from 20 participants includes:

  • Bus transfers from Tallinn or Lahemaa
  • Boat trip from Kaberneeme or Neeme port to the Malusi Islands
  • Seal-watching with music
  • Guiding throughout the day with colourful stories about Estonian islands and coastal folk history
  • Dinner or lunch at the seaside restaurant Ruhe (for extra price)

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