The trips take place on Sundays from July to September.
We reach Malusi Islands by boat, departing from one of the north coast’s loveliest port villages called Kaberneeme. We attract seals by playing music! On our way to the Malusi Islands, you will hear fascinating stories about life on the Northern Estonian Islands. If possible, take binoculars with you! It is always colder on the sea! Dress accordingly.

Pick up with transfers from Tallinn Tourist Information Centre at 10.00.

Meeting time at Kaberneeme harbour at 10.40.

Service in Estonian and in English.

If you have any questions regarding buying tickets from our e-shop, do not hesitate to call +372 53413109.

If the trip is canceled because of the stormy weather, you will be informed at the latest the day before the trip and the money will be returned.