Prangli Island Tourist Attractions and Info

Prangli (6.44km2) is the closest island to Tallinn that has retained its native population and culture for more than 600 years.

Believe it or not, permanent residents (70) have their own dialect of Estonian, ride their own type of boat and have very strong fishing traditions. Prangli is untouched by mass tourism, and has wonderful sandy beaches, pine forests and old fishermens villages.

There are a number of cosy and authentic local tourist farms offering accommodation, catering and transport on the island.

From June to August, the local seaside restaurant is open for everybody. In summer time, one can enjoy different concerts, sport events and theme parties on Prangli Island. Transport to the island is offered daily from Leppneeme port in Viimsi. Prangli Travel organizes daytrips to Prangli Island from Tallinn City Centre.