The healing power of the plants from Estonian Islands on the example of Prangli Island

Estonians are known as the ’nature folk’ and many of us know some wisdom passed on through generations about health and healing plants and herbs. Estonian islands are full of plants which have healing properties and our nature-loving tour leaders know them very well. They know which plants have healing powers. Which are the best plants with healing benefits on Prangli Island and how can you use them?

Tours to Prangli Island with our nature guides have been running regularly since 2011.

Breckland thyme

You can see this beautiful flower covering the fields on Prangli Island, especially in the southern part of the island. Many islanders are used to picking Breckland thyme and using it for making healing tea, which despite its bitter taste is a great cure against cold. It fights coughing, sore throat, runny nose and fever. Breckland thyme is also used in case of stomach problems and infections. It is possible to make a tincture using Breckland thyme to relieve joint pain. The first blossoms appear around Midsummer’s Eve, so you can pick it from July onwards.

©M. Lillepuu – Breckland thyme can be found on Prangli Island


Juniper is well-known in natural medicine. Juniper berries are used against swelling, bad breath, cough and throat infections. You can also make tea from the berries, as well as tincture, syrup or oil. The tea helps to prevent common cold and relieves headaches. All berries are not edible, therefore you must look for the blue berries that are ripe. The area in the southwestern part of Prangli Island, from Prangli church towards Tallinn, is covered with Juniper bushes. The best time for picking Juniper berries is from September to the beginning of November, although in theory you can pick them all-year-round.