Mushroom picking in Estonia, Prangli Island

Although there are plenty of mushroom picking spots recommended in Estonia, we are definitely sure that Prangli Island with its untouched nature, beautiful moss-covered pine forest and sandy beaches, is one of a kind for mushroom picking.

The best season for mushroom picking in Estonia is from late August to mid October. Ferry traffic to Prangli Island is good enough to visit the island for a day. Ferries depart from Leppneeme port, if you wish to visit Prangli Island by your own. Although, the most convenient way to visit the lovely Northern Estonian Island is by joining Daytrips to Prangli Island, organized by Prangli Travel.

Daytrip programs usually include 2-3 hours for yourself for walks in the forest. Guidance and hints where to go and which mushrooms to pick are recommended by our guides. Most of Estonian nature guides, who also run day trips to Prangli island, know a lot about mushrooms.

Mushroom picking is also organised for groups and could be a good option for an incentive activity for any corporate event in Tallinn. Mushroom hunts last for an hour and full guidance and equipment are provided.

Finally, why choose mushroom picking as an activity if you do not know anything about mushrooms? It is a wonderful experience to do something that every other Estonian does with their families or friends, and it actually is a way to get closer to nature. Imagine yourself walking on a soft and colourful mossed landscape in a silence overwhelmed with fresh air and a joy to learn something that you never experienced before.
For groups, it is possible to order mushroom lunch made by islanders from the mushrooms picked.

Our mushrooms on Prangli Island, Estonia are fairy ring, milk-cap, boletus, chanterelle, gipsy etc.

Have a look at our day on Prangli Island – picking mushrooms and enjoying the soup with these great YouTubers!
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Welcome to Prangli Island!